UPDATE: Tracking Right to Repair legislation Across 50 States

By Stephanie See
Director of State Government and Industry Relations, Association of Equipment Manufacturers
Jan. 23, 2019

Update on Right to Repair legislation in 2019

With fifty state legislatures set to convene in the calendar year 2019, the Association of Equipment Manufacturers (AEM), Equipment Dealers Association (EDA) and a coalition of other equipment-industry coalitions continue their efforts to educate lawmakers about the truth behind Right to Repair legislation.

Proponents of Right to Repair advocate for overly-broad laws that will allow unfettered access to the software that governs on-board technology on equipment. Giving access to the source code will not only undermine manufacturers' innovation and intellectual property rights, it will risk allowing modifications that run afoul of safety and emissions requirements for the equipment. Modifications also create unknown liability issues for the individuals modifying the code, dealers who subsequently trade-in modified equipment for resale, as well as subsequent owners of modified equipment.

This legislation is rife with unintended consequences and unnecessary in light of the commitment our industry has made to users.

Last year, nineteen states considered—and rejected—this legislation.

To date, we have seen legislative activity in 14 states.. Click on the bill names below to see the full language:

Hawaii: SB 425/SB 89

Indiana: HB 1413

Massachusetts SD.1818

Minnesota: SF 64

North Dakota: HB 1305

New Hampshire: HB 462

New Jersey: AB 589

New York: SB 170

Oregon: HB 688

Virginia: HB 1754

Washington: HB 1342

West Virginia: HB 2357

Additionally, there are bill draft requests in Montana and Nevada.

We are working in these states, plus more to educate state legislators about the harmful effects of this legislation and our commitment to provide users with the tools and information they need to repair and maintain their equipment.

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