Our Statement of Principles

The Statement of Principles, developed by AEM members and NAEDA, successfully provided the vast majority of the tractor and combine market with complete diagnostic guides, service manuals, and other necessary information to make repairs and maintain equipment. Our pledge achieves the right balance between giving farmers and ranchers the tools that they need while protecting and encouraging innovation.

Our Principles

In a Statement of Principles approved by relevant members of both associations, farm equipment manufacturers and their dealers have provided the following tools:

  • Manuals (Operator, Parts, Service)
  • Product Guides
  • Product Service Demonstrations, Training, Seminars, or Clinics
  • On-Board Diagnostics via diagnostics port or wireless interface
  • Fleet Management Information
  • Electronic Field Diagnostic Service Tools, and training on how to use them
  • Other publications with information on service, parts, operation, and safety

End users will be able to purchase or lease these tools through authorized dealers at fair and reasonable terms.

Our goal has always been and always will be to bring the agricultural community together and strengthen America’s most important industry.

For more information about the Statement of Principles, contact Eric Wareham (NAEDA), Daniel Fisher (AED) or Stephanie See (AEM).

The Statement of Principles developed by AEM members and NAEDA strikes the right balance between giving end users the tools that they need and protecting and encouraging innovation.